Baritus is an open source framework for building Java web applications. Baritus is a powerfull extension of Maverick that focusus on developing web applications using plain old java objects.

Allthough there is no shortage of good-quality OSS MVC frameworks, Baritus has the following unique points:

  • Ordinary JavaBeans can be populated from the http request, with fine-grained automatic error reporting and the built-in support for displaying the original user input when conversion or validation failed.
  • Programmatic configuration instead of XML-based configuration (for e.g. validation and form instantiation), which gives the users more flexiblity, and keeps the code easier to read.
  • Many extension points. Though Baritus can be used out-of-the-box, it can be tailored to the taste of the developers that have to work with it.
As Baritus uses (but does not in any way alter) the very mature MVC web framework Maverick, users can take advantage of it's stability and flexiblity.