Using Maven

As we use Maven as our project build tool, you should have it installed when you want to build Baritus from source. Learn more about Maven here

The downloaded install archive contains everything required to build Baritus. The install archive has a single top-level directory named openedge-baritus with all the project related files beneath that. You can now unpack the install archive.

The directory layout of Baritus looks like this:

      |-- src
      |     |-- java
      |     |-- test
      |     `-- etc
      |-- xdocs
      `-- target


The above layout conforms to the Maven standard directory layout, where src/java has the main sources, src/test has the unit tests and src/etc has additional sources and documents.

When you have Maven installed properly, you can use the usual commands with this project. You probably want to use maven jar as this builds the jar you need when you want to use this project. The jar will be placed in \target