If you are looking for a Java web application framework, but Baritus is just not your cup of tea, take a look at the following projects.

  • Wicket. A truly component based framework. Code in Java and plain HTML. Period. This is a great framework. Actually it's so great that I joined Wicket and work on Wicket in favor of other frameworks including this one. You really should check it out!
  • Java Server Faces (JSF). This recent standard is aimed towards facilitating the development op Java web application in a component oriented fashion. MyFaces is the current OSS initiative. It is quite active and works better with a lot of different servers than the JSF reference implementation. IMHO it's too bad that JSF is very JSP centric. Though implementations do not have to be JSP based, there has been no movement yet to support other templating mechanisms. It will be a usefull framework for drag 'n drop style project when the GUI builders arrive.
  • Maverick If you think Baritus does not add much to the original minimalist framework, you could give Maverick a try. It works great and is easy to extend.
  • Struts. The leading and first to popularize web MVC framework. Struts has a huge user base, lots of documentation and extensions and your manager has probably heard of it.
  • WebWork. Number two in popularity, webWork 2 uses the generic command pattern framework XWork and is based on a concept they call Pull HMVC.
  • Tapestry. A very elegant framework that has a component focus instead of a page focus. It has support in Eclipse using the Spindle plugin.
  • Spring Framework. A relatively new kid on the block, Spring Framework has a strong business focus, and is very flexible in the kind of techniques you want to combine it with.
  • Barracuda. Though it looks quite complicated to me, it also looks like a very sophisticated framework. Take a look at their very informative framework analysis here.

Drop us a line if you think another framework should be listed here as well.